Civil War Resources

Civil War Resources

SSCWRT Book List

The Fifth Massachusetts Colored Cavalry in the Civil War
Steve LaBarre

Kentuckians in Gray
Bruce Allardice and Lawrence L. Hewitt

Two Years Before the Paddlewheel: Charles F. Gunther, Missisippi River Confederate
Bruce Allardice and Wayne Wolf

The Age of Lincoln
Orville Vernon Burton

The H.L. Hunley: The Secret Hope of the Confederacy
Tom Chaffin

Shenandoah 1862
Peter Cozzens

The Great Comeback: How Abraham Lincoln Beat the Odds to Win the 1860 Republican Nomination
Gary Ecelbarger

Defending Slavery: Proslavery Thought in the Old South
Paul Finkelman

The Road to Disunion, Vols. I & II
William W. Freehling

Campaigning with Uncle Billy: The Civil War Memoirs of Sgt. Lyman S. Widney, 34th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
Robert I. Girardi

Wilson's Creek
Richard W. Hatcher III and William Garrett Piston

For Cause and For Country
Eric A. Jacobson

Civil War Chicago: Eyewitness to History
Theodore Karamanski

Rally 'Round the Flag: Chicago and the Civil War
Theodore Karamanski

The Fredericksburg Campaign
Francis A. O'Reilly

A History of Ironclads: The Power of Iron over Wood
John V. Quarstein

Appomattox County
Patrick A. Schroeder and Scott Frantel

David O. Stewart

Lincoln and His Admirals
Craig Symonds

Gate of Hell: Campaign for Charleston Harbor, 1863
Stephen R. Wise